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  Dial andndash; these are slightly more confusing. Again, they are read from left to right, and dials without numbers or hands should be disregarded. If the hand is in between two numbers, record the number itandrsquo;s just passed (for example, if the hand is between four and five, you would write down four).  If the next dial along is on nine, reduce the previous number by one (for example, if one dial looks like itandrsquo;s dead on the seven, but the next dial reads nine, you would write the first number down as six). Economy-seven - these will include two different readings. The daytime reading will either be the top one, marked as andlsquo;normalandrsquo;, or the default display. The night-time reading will be the bottom one, marked andlsquo;lowandrsquo;, or the reading accessed by pressing a button on the meter. Pre-payment andndash; these display a variety of information. Your meter reading should be shown after you press the button on your meter.